Custom In-Ear Monitor Troubleshooting

What type of issue are you having with your Custom In Ear Monitor

Fit and Comfort

Please use our new interactive Custom In-Ear Monitor Fit Tool to help us identify the areas that may be causing your discomfort.

Ultimate Ears by Logitech wants you to have the best experience possible when using our products. Our Custom In-Ear Monitors are hand made and uniquely molded to your ears, so fit issues may occur. If your Custom In-Ear Monitors do not fit properly, you will experience loss of sound and perhaps some discomfort that will shorten the time you will be able to listen to your music.

Audio Quality

If you are experiencing intermittent sound loss and/or loss of audio in the bass frequencies, please use our step-by-step Technical Troubleshooting Guide to resolve the issue.

If your molds or housings are cracked, download and fill out this RMA Form and send it to Ultimate Ears for repair.
Download RMA Form.

Richard Patrick


“My buddy Ray Luzier told me that I had to give Ultimate Ears a shot. So I took his word for it and did it! All I can say is that my Ultimate Ears 11 Pros give me the perfect pitch! The sound quality is amazing! I crank the low end and it has no problem taking it. I will never use anything else! I love my Ultimate Ears!”

Joe Principe

Rise Against

“My UE7's have changed playing live. They eliminate any issues I have with venue acoustics. Just flawless stage sound every night.”