Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors
USD 1350.00
We developed the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors specifically for the most discerning performers and music listeners.
6 Proprietary Speakers per Monitor - the art of pro sound & innovation combine to make this our most detailed & versatile product.
Included Accessories that come with your Custom In-Ear Monitors: Cleaning Tool, Engraved Carrying Case
We developed the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors specifically for the most discerning performers and music listeners. If you demand nothing but the best, our flagship in-ear monitors deliver the comfort, quality, and sound that you expect. They combine our new experience-driven, six-speaker Ultimate Ears sound signature with new technologies including a new cable built for durability and reduced distortion, three acoustically tuned sound channels, and multiple passive crossover points creating the ultimate in separation, detail, and clarity.

The Ultimate Ears 18 Pro is available with the optional ambient feature to allow for stage bleed while controlling the isolation effect.

If you want to choose your own art work, we of course offer a variety of shell colors that can be personalized with individual artwork. Visit our custom art gallery for inspiration. Please contact one of our trained specialists at (800) 589-6531 if you are interested in personalizing your Ultimate Ears.
Who is using Ultimate Ears?

“Whether I am using my in-ear monitors on stage during a live performance, in the studio during a recording session or on a plane listening to music on my iPod, everything comes through so clearly. With Ultimate Ears, singing and listening becomes a simple pleasure.” -- Seal

"When our manager got us on Ultimate Ears on our first real tour in 2008, I think it not only saved our hearing, but allowed us to shape our performances into what we do today. Protection, isolation and clarity - my in-ears have them all. A screaming baby on an airplane flight? No problem - just pop in my UE-18s and I'm right back in my little isolation chamber!" -- Nathanial Motte, 3OH!3

“Ultimate Ears provide such a dynamic sound. They really blow any other product that I've ever used out of the water. The fit, the range and the color (CUSTOM HOT PINK!)...are perfect.” -- Miranda Lambert
Sound Quality
Inside each custom earpiece you'll find our proprietary six-speaker system, which delivers the headroom needed for stage use while optimally reproducing the total pro audio frequency range. This allows us to consistently and predictably reproduce more detail and clarity to the bass, mids, and highs. Passive crossover technology electrically separates sound frequencies, so you hear clear vocals and instruments in the mid range, defined high notes along with a powerful, visceral
low end all without masking and distorting what could otherwise occur. Plus, three separate acoustically tuned sound channels allow us to keep frequencies separate and balanced until they blend naturally in your ear.

Like our other Custom In-Ear Monitors, they're compatible with wireless transmission systems and portable media devices.

Our Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors provide -26 dB of isolation and passive noise cancellation.
In The Box
Cleaning Tool
Tool for easy cleaning.
Engraved Carrying Case
Personally engraved black metallic carrying case that protects your Custom In-Ear Monitors.


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