• Sound Tap

    Turn Any Stage Mix Into A Headphone Mix!

    Start using in-ears now with our personal monitoring system. Sound Tap works with any stage setup. It sits between any mixing board or speaker.

    Supports both line-level and speaker-level inputs.

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  • UE Pro Line Drive

    UE Pro Line Drive is a Line-Level signal buffer that can be connected to Line Outputs or Headphone Outputs. Line Drive is connected between the sound source and an in-ear monitor (IEM) and enables consistent audio fidelity.

    Package Content
    1 x Line Drive 2 x extra lithium battery (CR2450 3V) 1 x 3.5mm stereo input cable 1 x User Manual (including 24 months warranty registration information)

  • Sound Guard

    Enhance sound quality, dynamic range and reduce accidental audio spikes.

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  • UE Buffer Jack

    Lower audio signals on airplanes entertainment system and buffers electrical impedance mismatch.

  • 1/4" Adapter

    Grab an extra ΒΌ adapter. You can never have enough of these.