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A Good Ol’ Collection: Groovy Vibes & Epic Sound with the Grateful Dead

Dead Heads old and new will have “nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile” at the trippy, iconic, and groovy designs in our Grateful Dead Collection, powered by Warner Music Group Artist Services, available now on all UE CSX configurations.

The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead was more than a band, they were a way of life. Forged in the fires of 60s counterculture, the Dead left an indelible mark on a rebellious generation. Today, the limited edition Grateful Dead Collection makes its mark on Ultimate Ears Custom. Dead Heads old and new will have “nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile” at the good ol’ Grateful Dead’s trippy, groovy designs. Available on all UE CSX models, freely pair the look you love most with the sound profile that suits you best.

The Grateful Dead leaves a psychedelic legacy of sight, sound, and emotion. This collection fuses the Dead's signature aesthetic in a way only UE Custom can. Crafted with the same in-ear technology loved by music's touring legends, The Dead's rich, psychedelic sound comes through with mind-blowing clarity. Custom-tailored to your unique earprint and decked out with lightning skulls, dancing bears, or original album art, Dead Heads can revel freely with total noise isolation and bohemian style.

UE Custom cracked the code to epic sound 25 years ago with the world’s first in-ear monitors. When it’s time to tour, top musicians demand Ultimate Ears for unparalleled fit, sound and noise isolation. Our heritage – over 100,000 ears in the making – led to the revolutionary UE CSX, a pro-level in-ear monitor with unreal comfort for life offstage.

For the first time ever, audiophiles of all stripes can capture an accurate mold of their ears anywhere, in a matter of minutes, with our CSX FitKit—no audiologist appointment needed. From there, customers choose from four configurations, matching their listening needs to the sound profile and speaker configuration that fits them best. Whether it’s the vibrant highs and lows from the UE 5 to the range-topping six speakers per ear in the UE 18+, there’s a unique sound structure for every type of sonic personality. What results is soul-stirring, immersive sound that makes every detail come through with the highest fidelity.

The Grateful Dead expressed the soul of liberation with music that transcended genres and states of mind. Take a wild trip through this righteous collection, rekindling the magical vibes Dead Heads have loved for generations.

“If the thunder don’t get you, the lightning will.”