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Investing in your custom fit earphones is an investment in a long history of handcrafted, high-end technology and an unparalleled service commitment. Founded in 1995, Ultimate Ears has spent over twenty years developing and fine tuning custom fit earphones that push technological innovation while redefining premium sound and comfort.

Initially created for touring musicians, the CSX series represents the latest development with a distinct fit for non professionals and a revolutionary Fitkit which allows for impressions to be captured from the comfort of home. Adapted for music lovers who are equally enthusiastic about the best in audio and comfort, CSX custom fit earphones emphasize all-day use while the Pro series has a deeper, more secure fit for onstage use.

Whether for audiophiles or music professionals, each pair takes over four hours to build and passes through a hundred individual touchpoints to ensure unprecedented quality. With a clear passion for excellence, Ultimate Ears is dedicated to delivering outstanding audio that is second to none.

3D Printing
Custom Components
Hand Finishing


Ultimate Ears custom fit earphones, whether the CSX or Pro series, are uniquely handcrafted in California. There are no one-size-fits-all models. Your custom fit earphones are tuned and tailored to your sound specifications and singular ear shape.

The process begins with an impression of your ear which can be done by an audiologist for the Pro series or a Fitkit for the CSX series. Once your impressions are received by Ultimate Ears, they are individually checked for all the details necessary to build your custom fit earphones.

Next, the impressions head to the lab where they are scanned and 3D printed to create the shell that is made from your one of a kind earprint. With the outer shell formed, all the components are carefully placed inside with every driver and cable put in by hand. After all the pieces have entered the shell, each component is connected to a computer to test the sound curves and ensure that they match your desired output. This is done before the shell is closed to enable any necessary modifications.

Once your particular sound curve has been secured, the shell is sealed and your custom fit earphones are hand soldered and buffed creating their super smooth appearance. Perfectly constructed, they head to the art department where any custom artwork or logos are added to the exterior of the shells. Finally, they are ready to be boxed up with their cables and case. Before being shipped, every piece is reviewed as it goes into the box and is checked for flawless condition and performance.


In addition to the ultimate performance standards, Ultimate Ears renowned customer service accompanies your purchase. The first company to develop custom fit earphones, Ultimate Ears service teams ensure that you receive the best quality product and that it is delivered it in record time. From the moment your impressions are received, your custom fit earphones are returned to you within ten business days, reflecting a remarkable turnaround without compromising quality. Your unique pair is built to last, but should they require any maintenance, Ultimate Ears is committed to expedited service and repairs. As a long term piece of equipment you soon won’t be able to live without, exceptional service is a critical part of what makes Ultimate Ears stand out.

As your custom fit earphones are built, they pass through the hands of many experienced members of the Ultimate Ears team who engage in quality control measures to deliver the absolute best in fit and technology. Their efforts are meticulous and there are no shortcuts as each pair is developed precisely to your specifications. The craftsmanship that goes into creating your custom fit earphones exemplifies the detail and care of their initial creation as well as the continued service commitment.