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Bring Cheer to Every Ear: UE’s Hi-Fi Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for family, feasting, and giving with the ones we love. We’ve made our list and checked it twice: a wonderland of sound awaits your top audiophiles in this gift guide, crafted just for them. From the Festival of Lights to the 12 Days of Christmas, bring cheer to every ear this hi-fi holiday with UE Custom.

Ultimate Ears Custom is perfect for those who relentlessly seek the truest, highest-fidelity sound experiences. If the word “audiophile” fails to capture their devotion, if they spend countless hours poring over the latest sound technology, or if their idea of heaven is living in immersive surround sound, then UE Custom is their key to sonic nirvana.

Crafted with the same pro technology music’s top performers bring onstage, up to 8 perfectly-balanced speakers in each ear deliver big studio sound that can go with you anywhere. The accompanying EQ app lets audiophiles optimize and tailor their sound experience even further. UE’s award-winning cable system lets them swap between Bluetooth & wired connections without missing a beat.


"I'm a music enthusiast, not a professional, so these are an indulgence and a delight! I've hated the discomfort most earbuds cause - these eliminate that. The sound quality is beyond words and the service UE provided was superb throughout the purchase process."

John L.

The jet-setters in your life are no different from touring musicians like Lizzo and The Eagles. They hop the globe and spend hours in planes, trains, and automobiles. While they may not be traveling to jam-packed arenas and stages, the travelers in your life will love the road-worthy details found in UE Custom earphones.

Matched perfectly to your unique earprint, Ultimate Ears feel great for hours on end thanks to its lightweight, tailored design. The truly custom fit creates a natural, airtight seal with your ear, resulting in total sound isolation from the blaring interruptions that can make travel miserable. With the world on mute, travelers love filling their newfound solitude with vibrant, rich sound from UE’s industry-leading technology. .


"These things are amazing. I fly over 100,000 miles a year and now it's so much more enjoyable."

Ken F.

Give your favorite fitness buffs the best gym buddy they could ask for. UE Custom earphones keep them in the zone, moving freely, and focused on the workout at hand.

Thanks to our at-home FitKit, Ultimate Ears CSX are 100% custom molded to fit only your ears, staying securely in place no matter what movements a workout calls for. Originally designed for stage performers who rock out and dance under hot lights for hours, the earphones are sweatproof and tough enough for the most taxing routines. Staying in the zone with your favorite tunes is no issue with the full noise isolation from the tailored fit.

"From choosing how many drivers you want, to customizing the way they look, and making sure they fit every tiny nook and cranny of your ear, the precision and craft that go into these little things is mind-boggling. Oh yeah, and they sound amazing, too."


Whether surfing subways underground or jockeying for position on the streets, UE Custom earphones give the daily commuters you love an escape from the chaos. Our configurations are precisely tuned with distinct sound profiles to match their favorite genres, from big, bass-driven beats to spoken word and podcasts. Truly custom fit to their unique earprint results in total isolation from the noises of the day.

Great fit and amazing quality!

"From the moment I opened the box to putting the UE 5 Pro in, I loved them! The quality in craftsmanship is impeccable. The sound quality is everything I expected. An amazing product for the price!"

Dustin T.

The live musicians in your life may not be world-famous, but when they hit that stage, they shine. It’s tough to show up for EVERY gig, but you can be there in spirit with a gift that’ll connect them to a rich heritage of legends. Ultimate Ears designed the original in-ear monitors 25 years ago so Alex Van Halen could block crowd noise while hearing details onstage with crystal clarity. Since then, UE Custom has fitted over 100,000 ears, loved by music’s greatest as the industry standard.

Their star treatment begins with fully tailored, handcrafted earphones they’ll love onstage and off. The good vibes keep going with a branded carrying case you can personalize and white glove support from UE’s expert team.

A masterpiece of a product.

"As soon as I put these on and hit play, I felt like I entered another realm. I simply can't wait to take these on the road and play some shows."

Carlos P.


It’s never too late to surprise and delight their ears with something thoughtful. Our electronic gift cards can be sent instantly or at a future date. Our physical gift cards deliver sonic nirvana with gorgeous packaging and free shipping.


Make their UE earphones’ travel case a conversation piece with limited edition designs from STOW of London. Loved by icons like Meghan Markle & Bobbi Brown, STOW keeps their earbuds sheltered in supple Spanish leather, meticulously hand-crafted for lifelong use.

With presents from Ultimate Ears, Santa’s got nothing on you this year. Shop now for early access to UE’s Black Friday deals before the favorites in this gift guide sell out.