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Unboxing Your CSX Custom Fit Earphones

Unboxing Your CSX

How long does it take to get them?

Getting your custom fit earphones is the culmination of hours of meticulous craftsmanship by Ultimate Ears technicians and a detailed effort to create a product built uniquely for you.

Once you've gone through the process of creating and sending in your ear impressions, the next step is to receive your custom fit earphones, which are crafted within 10 business days and delivered to your desired location.

Inside the box, are all of the essential parts modeled to your own specifications and style. Each piece works together to bring you an immersive music experience with superior sound and fit.

What’s inside my box?

Opening the box, you’ll find your custom fit earphones, as well as, the various cords, components and instructions to facilitate seamless use.

To help you enjoy your pair right away, the first point of information is a quick guide on how to wear and how to care for your new earphones. It describes inserting them correctly (right is always red, blue is always left) and how to use the tools provided to clean and store them at the end of each use.

There is also a more detailed user guide that explains the purpose of each piece of equipment and step-by-step directions for pairing them with your other devices. The box contains both a bluetooth cable and a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable with an in-line mic as well as a USB cable and clip for charging. Together they provide eight hours of battery life.

Additionally, there are cord management clips for your bluetooth cable and another larger cord clip for the auxiliary mic cable to ensure your custom fit earphones and cables are always securely fastened to you.

Finally, there is the inscribed metal carrying case, the same as the original case designed for audio engineers/artists and for maximum durability with a soft interior pouch for transporting and storing your earphones whenever you’re not wearing them.

How do I begin wearing them?

Once you have your custom fit earphones in hand, you’ll want to begin using them right away. Setting them up is a straightforward, quick process that begins by connecting your earphones to the bluetooth cable, inserting them into your ears and making sure they are tucked in snugly. Next you’ll simply wrap the bluetooth cables behind your ears.

Right away, you will notice that your custom fit earphones enter easily into your ear. Modeled after your own unique ear shape, they are designed to offer you maximum comfort which is readily apparent from the first time you put them on.

Once you have them in place, you will pair your custom fit earphones with the device of your choice. This is done by holding down the center button on the controller. You will initially hear that your custom fit earphones are on followed by a voice prompt saying that it is searching for your music device. When you’ve heard this, simply go to the bluetooth settings on your device and select UE Custom. The voice prompt will then announce that your custom fit earphones are connected. And just like that, you can now access Ultimate Ears’ premium sound.

Can I customize how they sound?

Using our proprietary technology, your new custom fit earphones can be connected to two devices simultaneously and can remember up to eight including phones, tablets, computers and smartwatches.

To further personalize your experience, the UE Custom app allows you to define your desired sound with EQ controls, audio presets and the ability to save sound profiles for different genres of music. By simply selecting a present you can make adjustments with the swipe of your fingertip or build a profile from the ground up as you listen to a favorite song.

The app is an essential tool in getting the most out of your earphones and adds layers of customization. With all this amazing technology in your ears and at your fingertips you are now ready to fully enjoy what Ultimate Ears custom fit earphones offer: ultimate comfort, control and sound.