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FitKit Walkthrough

Ultimate Ears headphones are your ticket to a rich and varied world of sound and getting them is easily done through a few exciting and simple steps.

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Artist Collaboration: Hunter Blaze Pearson

California-born artist, Hunter Blaze Pearson, recently created a few original designs for Ultimate Ears. His contemporary use of color, medium and subject matter evokes attitude, emotion, presence and makes each piece more visually stimulating than the next. Read on for a glimpse into Hunter’s inspirations and artistic springboard that brought him to where he is today. Q: When did you start designing and what are your favorite types of design (graphic, prints, paint, pencil, etc)? I’ve been doing art since I was about two years old and I started really getting into the design world about 5 years ago. It is hard to decide which form of art I enjoy the most, it really depends on the project. At the...

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Balanced Armatures

The crisp and detailed sound of Ultimate Ears custom earphones is powered by balanced armature drivers. While your typical one-size-fits-all earphone models use a single dynamic driver, Ultimate Ears earphones employ multiple uniquely tuned balanced armature drivers to achieve masterful sound...

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Unboxing Your CSX Custom Fit Earphones

How long does it take to get them? Getting your custom fit earphones is the culmination of hours of meticulous craftsmanship by Ultimate Ears technicians and a detailed effort to create a product built uniquely for you. Once you've gone through the process of creating and sending in your ear impressions, the next step is to receive your custom fit earphones, which are crafted within 10 business days and delivered to your desired location. Inside the box, are all of the essential parts modeled to your own specifications and style. Each piece works together to bring you an immersive music experience with superior sound and fit. What’s inside my box? Opening the box, you’ll find your custom fit earphones, as...

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