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Investing in your custom fit earphones is an investment in a long history of handcrafted, high-end technology and an unparalleled service commitment. Founded in 1995, Ultimate Ears has spent over twenty years developing and fine tuning custom fit earphones that push technological innovation while redefining premium sound and comfort. Initially created for touring musicians, the CSX series represents the latest development with a distinct fit for non professionals and a revolutionary Fitkit which allows for impressions to be captured from the comfort of home. Adapted for music lovers who are equally enthusiastic about the best in audio and comfort, CSX custom fit earphones emphasize all-day use while the Pro series has a deeper, more secure fit for onstage use. Whether...

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Everyday Fit (UE CSX) vs. Pro Fit (UE PRO)

Ultimate Ears earphones offer exclusive technology and handcrafted design so you can experience music like you’ve never heard it before. Created from impressions of each ear, every pair is built specifically to match your individual ear print and meet your singular needs. The CSX and Pro in-ear monitors offer distinct fits while delivering equally in sophistication and sound. UE CSX For the CSX series, the at-home Fitkit uses patented gel-filled molding tips to create impressions. They are designed to enter as far as the first bend of the ear and to fully express your overall shape. Initially soft, they are positioned into the ear with specific instructions on how to achieve the best fit. As they warm up, they conform...

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Fitkit vs. Audiologist Impressions

Every person has ears that are individually unique. And just like a fingerprint, each of your ears are completely distinct in shape, depth and size. Ultimate Ears earphones provide a fit customized to your individual ears’ geometry, which results in  unparalleled sound quality, fit and comfort. To create this specialized fit, a set of ear impressions is used to craft your unique ear molds, which results in a set of custom earphones that will provide an exclusive auditory experience designed for your ears alone. The traditional approach for making impressions requires a visit to the audiologist and this still remains the primary approach for professional stage musicians. For non-professionals, the Custom series has streamlined the process by introducing a Fitkit...

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