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The Ultimate Difference

Custom Ultimate Ears Play Sound Profile icon

Tailored to your Ears

Ultimate Ears are molded to the precise measurements of your personal earprint leading to incredible comfort, fit, and isolation.

Custom Ultimate Ears Play Sound Profile icon

Ultimate Craft

It takes over four hours and 100 individual touchpoints to handcraft the design of your custom ears.

Custom Ultimate Ears Play Sound Profile icon

Premium Sound

Precisely tuned to give you an unmatched audio experience. Bluetooth and regular AUX cables included.

Custom Ultimate Ears Play Sound Profile icon

Easy at-Home Fitting

Create a unique impression of your ear from the comfort of your home in under a minute.

Custom Ultimate Ears Play Sound Profile icon

Risk-Free Trial

Try them for 30 days. Love everything about them or your money back.

Custom Ultimate Ears Play Sound Profile icon

1 Year Warranty

We pride ourselves on crafting the best custom-fit earphones, and stand behind them.

" These earphones allow you to virtually walk around inside each track, stand next to the performer, and examine each moment as they lean into the microphone."
"Ultimate ears helped us move to a whole new level of performance. it’s safe to say we’re smitten.”

Press Love

“The best of the best with an exemplary fit and finish.”

“The kickass Ultimate Ears 18+ Pro headphone will fit your ears perfectly.”

“It’s hard to underestimate how incredible a bespoke pair of in-ears really sounds, let alone the comfort of a custom shell.”

Worn By The Best

Aerosmith • Beastie Boys • Bon Jovi • Carrie Underwood • Chris Cornell • Christina Aguilera • Cirque Du Soleil • Daft Punk • David Bowie • Deadmau5 • Demi Lovato • Eagles • Feist • Florence and the Machine • Foo Fighters • Green Day • Iron Maiden • Janet Jackson • John Legend • John Mayer • Justin Bieber • Kanye West • Kelly Clarkson • Kendrick Lamar • Lady Gaga • Lenny Kravitz • Ludacris • Maden • Madonna • Mariah Carey • Maroon 5 • Metallica • Norah Jones • P Diddy • Peter Gabriel • Radiohead • Rihanna • Solange • Stevie Nicks • Stevie Wonder • Taylor Swift • The Arcade Fire • The Killers • The Police • The Who • Tom Petty • U2 • Usher •