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Pushing the Pinnacle of Technology and Craft

Combining artisan craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology for over 25 years.

Cutting Edge Technology

Creating your Ultimate Ears begins when our revolutionary Fitkit and molding tips capture a precise impression of your ear, which is then used to 3D print a custom-tailored shell based on the unique measurements of your ear.

Precision Engineered

Our team of 3D-software and custom in-ear manufacturing experts then start to meticulously build your Ultimate Ears from the inside out, placing up to 6 speakers in each ear and precision-tuning each pair to create the sound that sets your Ears apart.

Artisan Craftsmanship

Once the sound is perfected, our craftspeople and graphic designers in California take over to bring your personal design style and selections to life. It takes the team over four hours and 100 touchpoints to finish your Ultimate Ears exactly as you ordered them.

How We Make Them Makes
All the Difference

Follow the journey of one pair, from initial idea to finished Ultimate Ears.