Press Reviews: Ultimate Ears CSX

Some of the UE CSX reviews on this page are for our UE Pro products. While built and sound quality is identical for both lines, our new UE CSX models do not require audiologist impressions. Our new FitKit process allows you to get your ear impressions done directly from the comfort of your home. Read our blog for more information on the differences between the Pro & CSX models.

UE 5 CSX Reviews

  • "The Ultimate Ears UE 5 Pro are one of the most affordable pairs of custom-molded in-ear headphones we've tested, and they sound terrific." -

UE 7 CSX Reviews

  • "If you want to max out your listening experience whilst exercising, something like the custom fit UE 7 Pro is a must." - 
  • "If you REALLY want to enjoy your music, want to isolate yourself from your surroundings or comfort is an issue during extended periods of use; the 7 Pro custom in-ear monitors are well worth the money." -

UE 11 CSX Reviews

UE 18 CSX Reviews

  • "Ultimate Ears PRO has been an established mainstay in the field of on-stage in-ear monitoring for many years. With the new CSX line, Ultimate Ears brings their know-how and fidelity to the recreational listener." -
  • "Take my money" -
  • "If you’re looking for top-notch IEMs, and you have the means, I can’t imagine any way in which you’d be disappointed with a set of Ultimate Ears UE 18+ in-ear monitors, I for sure wasn’t!" -
  • "These are the $1,500 custom headphones you want to listen to on your deathbed" -
  • " The UE 18+ Pro [...] is definitely one of their best models and should also warrant an audition for those considering to purchase into a resolving yet fun sound." -