• The Ultimate Combo

    Sound Tap + UE 900s Combo Pack

    Experience the freedom and joy of using in-ears for your next gig. Simply walk up to any speaker on stage, tap into the audio feed, and take your performance to the next level. It really is that simple.

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  • Sound Tap

    Turn Any Stage Mix Into A Headphone Mix!

    Start using in-ears now with our personal monitoring system. Sound Tap works with any stage setup. It sits between any mixing board or speaker.

    Supports both line-level and speaker-level inputs.

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  • UE 900s

    The perfect backup. When you want the sound of a custom in-ear monitor with the convenience of a universal fit system.

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  • UE 5 Pro

    For weekend performances - take your gigs to the next level.

  • UE 7 Pro

    For guitarists and singers who need a powerful midrange growl — tuned for live sound.

  • UE 11 Pro

    For bass players, drummers and DJ’s who crave more low end.

  • UE 18+ Pro

    The Culmination Of More Than 20 Years Of Experience. The Best Just Got Better.

  • Sound Guard

    Enhance sound quality, dynamic range and reduce accidental audio spikes.

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