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We’re able to change how you hear music today because we’ve been changing how the industry makes music since 1995.

Our Heritage

We changed the music industry from the back of a Van Halen tour bus over 20 years ago. That’s where the first in-ear monitor was developed for Alex Van Halen by his monitor engineer to give Alex a way to protect his hearing while allowing him to improve his on-stage performance. Since then, Ultimate Ears has continued to innovate and push what’s possible in our custom in-ear monitors, which are now used by the majority of the world’s top touring musicians.

The Industry Standard

From one pair back in 1995, Ultimate Ears are now used by the majority of the world’s top touring musicians. In that time, we’ve made more than 100,000 Ears for musicians and music lovers who recognize our dedication to craftsmanship. Each pair is the result of hours of painstaking engineering and artisanship that blends premium audio technology with eye-catching personal style.

The Logitech Family

In 2008, Ultimate Ears partnered with Logitech, a company equally passionate about premium audio and connecting people through technology. With the ability to work and develop products with Logitech and sister companies like Jaybird and Revols, Ultimate Ears has been able to continue to push the boundaries of what premium, custom-fit earphones can do.

Over 100,000 Ears Made

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