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Keep stage volumes low, hear cues and create stunning mixes.

UE Pro has the right in-ear monitor solution for your church.


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We deliver handcrafted, world-classsound quality. Experience clear, detailedsound across the entire frequency spectrum.


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30-Day Return Option. 10 Business Days Turnaround Time. 14 Business Days Service Time


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Work with our iem specialist to provide you the best solution for your needs.


3 Reasons Why You Need In-ear Monitors

How to Setup a Silent Stage

Learn how to set up a silent stage to improve your church’s sound quality during in-person services, videos, and livestreaming.

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How To Livestream Church Service Like A Pro

How To Livestream Church Service Like A ProWhen you live stream a church service, the message is in the audio. Learn how to host a church service live stream with great sound.

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