Artist to Watch: Thuy

Artist to Watch: Thuy

A lot of us grow up with the dream of becoming a pop singer, belting out Britney Spears at karaoke with our friends and family. Then we grow up, go to medical school, work in the medical field for awhile and, finally … become a pop star.

Alright, that might not be the most universal experience, but it’s exactly how it happened for Thuy Thi Thu Tran, known simply as Thuy. Despite singing her whole life, she never even attempted to pursue music until after she finished medical school and realized it just wasn’t her passion—she couldn’t shake the feeling that she belonged in music.

So she got to work, releasing her first single “Hands on Me” in 2015 to critical and commercial acclaim in the Bay Area. She rode that momentum to Los Angeles, where she recorded and released a series of singles before putting out her debut EP i hope u see this in 2021 and her follow-up EP girls like me don't cry in 2022.

The results of her efforts include over 30 million cumulative streams and a host of popular TikTok tracks, including 2017’s "All Night Long,” which went viral on the social video site in 2020. Thuy is wowing crowds IRL too, having performed at top-tier festivals including Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco and Head in the Clouds in Pasadena, California. And when she takes the stage, she knows that her UE LIVE.

IEMs will give her the confidence to be the pop star she always knew she could be.  


Thuy's Custom UE Pro Design


“I have been using my UE LIVE’s for 2 years now. They are a god send. It changed the whole performance game for me.”  - Thuy 



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