Inside UE PREMIER: Budda Foster x Just Liv

Inside UE PREMIER: Budda Foster x Just Liv

Once two of Los Angeles’ best-kept secrets, Budda Foster and Just Liv are breaking into their own spotlights. 

Budda is a highly-regarded multi-instrumentalist known for his work with Snoh Aalegra, Blackbear, Dominic Fike, Cordae, Queen Naija, The Game, and many more. He has made his living touring as a live musician since he was just 19 years old. 

“Ever since then, I’ve been striving to be a multi-instrumentalist for everybody I play for,” Budda said. In fact, he’s known for “doubling” on stage, meaning he’ll play multiple instruments during a single set, often guitar and bass. “I enjoy the diversity and challenge of playing multiple instruments for a gig.”

Because he plays so many instruments, Budda used to need to cart around multiple pairs of in-ear monitors depending on the gig. But with UE PREMIER, he can have it all with a single pair of IEMs. “I used to have four pairs of in-ears in my backpack at any given time. I think that these [UE PREMIER IEMs] change the game,” Budda told us. “No matter what instrument I’m playing, it’s all going to be covered.”


 “[UE PREMIER] is very responsive to whatever changes we have, It’s really easy to be versatile.” - Budda Foster


Just Liv is a vocal powerhouse who got her start as a background singer for well-known and acclaimed performers including Willow Smith, Skip Marley and Duckwrth. She has even been featured during Kanye’s Sunday Service and has appeared on records by The Game, Snoh Aalegra and Wale.


But Just Liv knew she was destined for more. In 2019, she released her self-titled debut EP, which featured the single “Big Time,” her collaboration with Budda Foster. The song became an anthem for dreamers and go-getters who put in the work to hit the “big time” and established her as a musical force. 


Just Liv’s voice is her instrument, and she relies on UE PREMIER to help keep her from over-singing, which can damage a singer’s voice and shorten their career. 


Before switching to in-ear monitors, Just Liv relied on wedge monitors to hear her performances. As a result, she had to increase her own volume on stage—an unsustainable practice. “It’s innate of you to oversing, so [UE PREMIER] alleviates that necessity of oversinging and overcompensating for the volume,” Just Liv explained. “Vocally, there is just much less wear and tear.”


Vocal health and longevity isn’t the only thing Just Liv loves about UE PREMIER—she especially loves the nuance and separation made possible by its 21 drivers per side. According to Just Liv, UE PREMIER sounds “bright and present” and “spatially far more dynamic” than other IEMs. “I know it sounds so interesting for me to describe it as far as being in a room, but that’s really what it feels like. The horns are there, the bass is there. Nothing is overlapping, nothing is compact—it doesn’t feel like a vacuum.” 


“[With UE PREMIER] I’m not having to sacrifice the feeling [of wedge monitors] to be present vocally.” -Just Liv


Budda Foster and Just Liv rely on UE PREMIER to help them deliver their best performances on stage and in the studio with ease. Ready to explore a new dimension of sound? Try UE PREMIER for yourself.


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