Inside UE PREMIER: Steve Maggiora

Inside UE PREMIER: Steve Maggiora

TOTO was founded in 1977 on a simple premise—collect some of the most talented, in-demand session players in Los Angeles and let them make their own music. The resulting sound was a unique fusion of pop, jazz, soul, and prog-rock, and fans loved it. With 40 million records sold to date, TOTO continues to tour arenas decades after their initial foray into the music scene.


Even though today’s TOTO lineup might look different than the 1977 group, the idea remains the same—gather renowned session and studio musicians and make incredible music for dedicated fans.


That’s where singer, songwriter, producer and performer Steve Maggiora comes in. The talented session and live musician is one of the newest additions to TOTO, lending his keyboard skills and voice to the group’s electrifying arena shows. 


But Steve Maggiora’s story doesn’t start with TOTO. He’s been featured on thousands of recordings, including songs by Marc Broussard, Daniel Powter and Natalie Imbruglia. And touring hasn’t stopped him from working on recorded music—he recently found himself mixing, mastering and recording hundreds of songs from his hotel room while on the road with TOTO. 


Maggiora is no stranger to in-ear monitors. He’s used them on and off since 2003, but unfortunately he never liked the way universal fit foam IEMs felt or sounded. However in 2020 he was introduced to custom-molded Ultimate Ears IEMs, which he says “completely changed” his “professional and musical life.”


Before switching to Ultimate Ears Pro, Maggiora felt that the IEMs he’d been using took him out of the live musical experience. “I got the custom molds, and all of a sudden I had a wider fidelity in my ears,” he says. “It was easier to feel like I was actually on stage, being a part of what was being created between me and the other people on the stage.”


As a prolific musician and producer, Maggiora has welcomed Ultimate Ears Pro in-ear monitors to his workflow. While some singers eventually burn out their voices, IEMs have helped Maggiora keep his schedule packed and his voice in great health. “[IEMs have] allowed me to not have to push so hard vocally … it’s been fantastic to not only save my hearing in louder projects but also to have the clarity and the depth of the aural sonic sphere with these in-ears.” 


Whether he’s performing to thousands of enthusiastic fans in an arena, or in the studio working with world-renowned artists, Steve Maggiora relies on his UE PREMIER IEMs to protect his hearing while giving him an unparalleled listening experience. 



“[With UE PREMIER] I can listen at a lower level and still feel the fullness and still hear the warmth and the clarity and the depth and everything that I need to.”


Though best known for his work with TOTO and as a producer, Steve Maggiora is an exceptional singer and songwriter in his own right. His new single “Through it All” is set to be released on September 22, 2023 through all major streaming and download platforms.


In addition to writing and performing, Maggiora is deeply passionate about music education. Budding musicians, recording engineers and producers know him from the YouTube channel Produce Like a Pro and, where he offers valuable lessons for aspiring artists and producers at every experience level. He also releases new music every Friday on his Patreon channel Steve Maggiora.



Whether he’s performing live on stage, recording in the studio, or listening to his favorite music, Steve Maggiora relies on UE PREMER to deliver powerful, nuanced sound. Ready to explore a new dimension of sound? Try UE PREMIER for yourself. 

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