Now Shipping: UE Universal In-Ear Monitors

Now Shipping: UE Universal In-Ear Monitors

The wait is officially over—UE Universal In-Ear Monitors are now shipping.  Starting today, any orders placed for UE 150, UE 250,  or  UE 350  will ship immediately from our warehouse in California. 


Not sure which model is best for you? Keep reading for an in-depth look.


Three Unique Sound Signatures


The goal of UE Universal In-Ear Monitors is to provide a one-size-fits-all fit, but we know better than to think there’s such a thing as a one-size-fits-all sound or price point for IEMs. With the needs of musicians in mind, we designed three unique sound signatures so artists can find their perfect fit—in more than one sense!


UE 150 Universal In-Ear Monitors: Even and Natural Sound

UE 150 Universal In-Ear Monitors boast a neutral frequency response, which means there’s no “hype” or enhancement in the high or low frequencies. This makes UE 150 ideal for anyone starting on their in-ear monitor journey.


The UE 150’s $199 price point makes it accessible for up-and-coming players who want IEMs that can grow with them and their musical careers.  Practice as long as you’d like without subjecting roommates and neighbors to loud amplifiers. Hear every note clearly during online lessons. Keep the volume down during band practices and jam sessions with an assist from a headphone splitter. 


When you’re ready for your first show, skip the wedge completely and dive straight into performing with in-ear monitors—just like the pros. 


Features and benefits:

  • Single dynamic driver delivers balanced, neutral sound quality 
  • Perfect introductory option for those looking to begin using in-ear monitors


UE 250 Universal In-Ear Monitors: Enhanced Low-End

Low-end lovers, this one’s for you. UE 250 Universal In-Ear Monitors deliver a tighter bass response and provide more sensitivity and detail at the high end of the frequency spectrum. 


UE 250 is a dual-driver IEM with a two-way crossover. You may be wondering, what does that even mean and why does it matter?


With multiple drivers, each driver gets to focus on a dedicated frequency band—for example, lows and highs. That leads to better separation and nuance, so you can really hear the details of your music. That’s not to say single-driver IEMs can’t be very good, but it’s difficult to recreate the separation of a multi-driver in-ear monitor with a single driver. 


Features and benefits:

  • Dual drivers and a two-way crossover deliver tight bass response and detailed highs 
  • Separate high and low Knowles balanced armatures provide professional separation 


UE 350 Universal In-Ear Monitors: Upgraded Dynamics and Nuance

UE 350 Universal Fit In-Ear Monitors deliver clarity, volume, and smoothness across the width of the frequency range, resulting in exceptional sound quality and increased headroom. UE 350 is perfect for any artist or instrument across a wide range of genres, on stage or in the studio. 


We designed UE 350 to offer a premium IEM experience that will equally suit artists who are looking for a more advanced universal-fit in-ear monitor as well as a backup solution for our custom-fit customers. 


Yes, we want the musicians who have custom-fitted in-ear monitors to consider UE Universal In-Ear Monitors! While our custom-fitted IEMs are robust and road-ready, it’s normal for artists to want a backup to take on the road just in case. After all, musicians tour with extra cables, microphones, and instruments—why not bring an extra set of IEMs in case yours gets misplaced?


Features and benefits:

  • Three drivers and a two-way crossover deliver exceptional headroom and nuance for a more “live” audio experience
  • Dual low-mid and a single high Knowles balanced armature provide additional musicality and detail


UE Universal In-Ear Monitors are now shipping from the Ultimate Ears Professional website. Experience a redefined universal fit IEM for yourself.

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