The UE 7 PRO is Tuned Like A Classic Camaro

The UE 7 PRO is Tuned Like A Classic Camaro

The Industry Standard

There’s nothing subtle about the sound profile of the Ultimate Ears UE 7 PRO. It was designed to sound like souped-up classic orange Camaro — pedal down, engine roaring. See, the balanced armatures were tweaked to be wide open. The magnetic bumpers were altered. The rods were extended. The magnets themselves were designed to be just a bit looser. These were all design choices from the start to coax just a bit more sound and juice from wireless belt packs. The 7 was rigged for maximum performance.

It was destined to be loud and powerful; to have presence and midrange growl. The sound is big — full of crispness, depth and clarity — with the additional midrange details that guitarists and vocalists need.

There’s no coincidence that it’s the industry standard.

Of course, it is handcrafted in our lab in Irvine, California by a team of technicians who passionately care about design & sound. It comes with our exclusive sweat-proof & road-ready IPX cable and connection system. It offers -26dB of passive noise isolation which lets you listen to your mix at a significantly reduced volume level. And most importantly, it is backed by our legendary customer service and tour support.

And these days, we’ve added a few additional features to balance out the initial design choices. We’ve added more protection to the armatures so that the overclocked rods and magnets don’t run into problems out in the field. Think of it like adding seat belts and suspension to the old classic muscle car. It’s just as fast and powerful, but a little smoother riding nowadays.

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