Introducing UE PREMIER


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UE PREMIER sets a new gold standard for exceptional audio.


Loaded with a groundbreaking 21 drivers, UE PREMIER are our most powerful, nuanced, and versatile in-ear monitors.


Whether you’re performing live on stage, recording in the studio, or listening to your favorite music in studio sound quality, UE PREMIER sets a new gold standard for exceptional sound quality.


Working in tandem with a five-way passive crossover, each driver was carefully selected and individually tuned to efficiently and accurately reproduce different frequency bands across the audio spectrum.


To extend the frequency range down to 5hZ and ensure low-end listeners can feel without compromising on size, we start with two dual sub-low drivers in parallel with four dual diaphragm mid-low drivers. A quad-mid driver provides unmatched nuance, clarity, and adaptability no matter the instrument, genre, or listening environment. UE Pro’s proprietary True Tone Plus driver and Knowles’ proprietary Quad Super Tweeter extends the frequency range up to 40,000 kHz, delivering the richness and warmth from upper-register harmonics.



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