Introducing UE SWITCH Interchangeable Faceplates

Introducing UE SWITCH Interchangeable Faceplates

New UE SWITCH system allows you to easily switch between multiple custom-designed faceplates, providing limitless options for visual customization.

We’re excited to announce UE SWITCH, our new interchangeable faceplate option for UE Pro in-ear monitors and UE CSX earphones. UE SWITCH gives you the freedom to design as many custom faceplates as you want and easily swap them out any time.

With the freedom to swap faceplates whenever you want, you can match your favorite instrument, coordinate with your outfit or flaunt your logo on stage or during livestreamed performances.

You can even mix and match different left and right faceplates for limitless possibilities! UE SWITCH brings our legacy of customization full circle, making every pair of Ultimate Ears a blank canvas for you to put your stamp on.

UE Switch
How It Works

The UE SWITCH system consists of two parts: an easy-to-use twist-lock mechanism on the earphones and a compatible faceplate design that snaps right in. We won’t bore you with the details, but a lot of engineering went into creating this deceptively simple system. Basically, rather than the faceplate itself forming part of the earphone shell, the new mechanism allows you to easily swap faceplates with just a twist and a click.

The new interchangeable faceplates are just like our current faceplates, except for the twist-lock mount on the back. All of the faceplate colors, materials and design options we currently offer are available for UE SWITCH faceplates, providing unlimited ways to express yourself.

Ready to switch it up? The UE SWITCH option is available on any new pair of UE Pro in-ear monitors or UE CSX earphones—just check the “UE SWITCH” box when configuring your pair.

You can also mail in any pair of UE PRO in-ear monitors or UE CSX earphones you already own to get the UE SWITCH upgrade! Additional faceplates will be available in single pairs or packs of three pairs, so you can swap to your heart’s content.

  • UE SWITCH represents the next step in Ultimate Ears’ philosophy of customized fit, sound and style, offering more opportunities for personalization than ever before.
  • The UE SWITCH option is available for any new UE Pro or CSX models for $199 (includes 3 Faceplates)
  • The UE SWITCH upgrade is available for any existing UE Pro or CSX models for $199, (includes introductory offer of $199 off on 3 pack of faceplates) - Click here to request your upgrade

We hope you’re as excited as we are about UE SWITCH. Start designing yours today!

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