The UE 18+ is the Best In-Ear Monitor for Overtones and Harmonics Thanks to Their TrueTone Plus Drivers

The UE 18+ is the Best In-Ear Monitor for Overtones and Harmonics Thanks to Their TrueTone Plus Drivers

Overtones & Harmonics

The Ultimate Ears UE 18+ was made for those who demand perfection, for those who deserve the best of the best. It has clarity and power and it is great for all positions and instruments. It brings the control and comfort of the studio to any stage.

But how does it do that? How does it bring the magic of the studio to live settings? The answer has almost everything to do with upper register overtones and harmonics. The 18+ uses 2 proprietary TrueTone Plus balanced armatures to push out well past 20kHz, bringing air and space into the mix.

The TrueTone Plus drivers were created specifically for reproducing ultra-high frequencies. This adds even more detail, separation, musicality and coherence to your music.

The concept of creating the TrueTone drivers first emerged when Ultimate Ears and Capitol Studios wanted to create a second-generation collaboration for the studio. They had originally co-developed the UE Reference Monitor but with the advancements of hi-res audio recording formats, this time they wanted an in-ear monitor that took full advantage of the 24bit/ 192kHz high-resolution audio formats.

Initially, frequency extension was gained at the expense of total output. This meant that you could hear a wider spectrum of sound but at a lower overall volume. This is why the UE Reference Remastered have an input sensitivity of 100db @ 1kHz; but for stage use, Ultimate Ears knew that there had to be more total headroom. So our engineers developed the TrueTone Plus drivers. These delivered the same frequency extension but now with more power.

Mix Magazine says that “listening with the 18+ Pros is luxurious.” We couldn’t agree more.

Of course, they are handcrafted in our lab in Irvine, California by a team of technicians who passionately care about design & sound. They come with the exclusive sweat-proof & road-ready IPX cable and connection system. They offer -26dB of passive noise isolation which lets you listen to your mix at a significantly reduced volume level. And most importantly, they’re backed by Ultimate Ears’ legendary customer service and tour support.

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