UE PREMIER: First Impressions

UE PREMIER: First Impressions

The Verdict is in on UE PREMIER

When we launched UE PREMIER at NAMM 2023, we decided to ask real musicians about their first impressions of our flagship IEMs. The response was overwhelming.

It’s one thing to hear us talk about the tech behind UE PREMIER. It’s another to experience it first-hand. So when we launched UE PREMIER at NAMM 2023, we decided the best way to see how we did was to ask real musicians, industry veterans and music lovers about their first impressions of our flagship IEMs.


“Bigger than life.”


If anyone knows big sound, it’s Rudy Sarzo, a hard-rock bass legend who has played with Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot and Whitesnake (to name a few). We asked him to take UE PREMIER for a spin and he likened the experience to being in the studio.


“I listened to a very flat-sounding ’70s track, The Who’s “Long Live Rock” … I have never heard that track the way I heard it with [UE PREMIER] … it reminds me of when you’re in the studio and you’re listening to what the band has already recorded and it’s bigger than life.” -Rudy Sarzo

“Like nothing I’ve ever heard before.”

Dynamic, detailed audio isn’t just for musicians and music lovers—sound is one of the most important elements of film and television. Few people know this as well as Frank Morrone, award-winning re-recording mixer from hit shows and films including Lost and Criminal Minds. When he tried UE PREMIER at NAMM 2023, he was blown away by the quality.

“[UE PREMIER] is fantastic. The dynamic range is unbelievable—like nothing I’ve ever heard before. I’m excited. I want a pair and I’m going to get a pair.” -Frank Morrone


Everything was so present.”

No one wants to be lost in the mix, or worse, have to learn a part that’s buried among harmony vocals, multi tracked guitar and more. UE PREMIER brings even the most intricate details into focus, as performer Liv.e learned on her first listen.

“I’ll be honest. I put in my homework (the music I’d been studying) to see if I was going to have the clarity I needed to learn my part. That was the point for me—the amount of depth, the fullness of the mix. I didn’t have to reach … everything was so present.” -Liv.E

“It’s everything.”


Over the years, many multi-instrumentalists have told us that they use different Ultimate Ears Professional in-ear monitors depending on the instrument they’re playing at that gig or session. Budda Foster is a music director, bassist, guitarist, drummer and more. He’d been jumping between UE 11 for drums and bass to UE LIVE for everything else. With UE PREMIER, he says he can have it all in one sound signature.

“[UE PREMIER] is everything—it’s UE LIVE and UE 11 together. It’s just beautiful. You got the bass and low end of UE 11, but with the clarity and openness of UE LIVE.” -Budda Foster

Try for yourself

It’s one thing to hear people gush about a set of in-ear monitors like UE PREMIER, but the detail and nuance of our flagship IEMs is something you need to experience to fully understand. Are you ready to hear what you’ve been missing? Find a UE Pro Dealer Near you.



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