Abraham Sanchez calls using Ultimate Ears "Best decision ever!"

Abraham Sanchez calls using Ultimate Ears "Best decision ever!"
Abraham Sanchez is an OC/LA based Drummer known for his soulful, pocket, solid grooves & disciplined style of drumming. Abe's professional career has spanned from performing in local clubs to touring nationally & internationally. Abe has become a very well recognized and respected musician in the Latin Music & American Music community



Why did you decide to transition from wedges to In ears?


Being a drummer it is difficult to dial in a good sounding mix through floor monitors, which is why I made the decision to invest into IEMs.




What was the tipping point? When did you have enough of the wedge?


There came a point where most of the gigs I was doing used both Click Tracks & Sequences. That was my tipping point & made the transition into IEMs.



How do in ear monitors fit into your set up? What is in your mix?


In my usual set up I have an overall band mix. I personally prefer to have Click, Bass & a great drum mix stand out in my mix.




How did they improve your performance?


The use of IEMs improved my performance by allowing me to hear everything so clear and powerful and at the same time not damaging my hearing. Also in how comfortable they fit. Being a drummer my Universal Fit IEMs were always popping out due to so much moving around while performing. I would always have drum with one hand while adjusting my IEMs with the other.




What is your favorite thing about the Ultimate Ears?


My favorite thing about my Custom IEMs is that I can use them for a lot of things, not only for performing live. I use them to listen to music when I travel, I use them at the gym, & when I’m working in the studio.




What are your thoughts on universal fit IEMs vs custom fit IEMs?


I think Universal IEMs are okay for musicians that aren’t in the position to invest in a set of Custom IEMs. Aside from that there really is not comparison between the 2. Custom IEMs are custom molded to fit you & you only. They also sound a million times better, protect your hearing, isolate the outside noise much better & last longer.



Anything else you want to add?


I have been using Ultimate Ears for the last 8 years of my career as a musician. Best decision ever! I use from UE 5s to UE 18s & they’re all unique in their own way & they all sound great! I do not consider it an expense to purchase a set of UEs but more of an investment to my career. I never leave my home without double checking my gig bag to make sure I have my set of UEs. Thank you Ultimate Ears for the years of great customer service always. Always quick to respond & have the best staff ever!
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