Artists to Watch: Samm Henshaw

Artists to Watch: Samm Henshaw
Singer-songwriter Samm Henshaw is a natural in the studio—and when he goes on stage his Ultimate Ears custom in-ear monitors help him take his performances to the next level.


Singer-songwriter Samm Henshaw is making a name for himself—and discovering new layers of his sound in the process.
Fusing gospel, R&B and hip-hop together with uplifting lyrics, music lovers can’t get enough Samm Henshaw’s classic-meets-modern sound. The soulful crooner from London has toured with big names like James Bay, Allen Stone and Chance the Rapper and has collaborated with superstars Pharrell. After you hear the colorful soul of his voice, you’ll understand why.

Henshaw started building his reputation with his first two EPs, The Sound Experiment and The Sound Experiment 2, released in 2015 and 2016 respectively. He released a string of catchy singles over the next few years, including “Broke,” “Church,” and “Chicken Wings,” but a full-length album would have to wait.


“[My UE Custom In-Ear Monitors] have always been great.”
In 2022, Henshaw was finally able to release the result of six years of hard work: his first full-length album. Recorded in London and Los Angeles, Untidy Soul represents a transformation for Henshaw and was praised by critics. NME gave the album four stars and The Guardian loved his “trains of rootsy, old-school soul, 90s hip-hop, bluesy jazz and gospel.”


Henshaw has a unique ability to reshape his sound while remaining true to who he is.
And when showtime comes, his UE custom in-ear monitors come along for the ride. “I love UE 11. My UE 7 pair accidentally broke on tour, so I'm really grateful for these new ones.”
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