Artists to Watch: Spencer Sutherland

Artists to Watch: Spencer Sutherland
Spencer Sutherland, a self-taught pop and R&B artist, relies on his Ultimate Ears Custom Earphones to deliver his best possible performances for his fans.


Performing. Songwriting. Acting. Spencer Sutherland is a talented triple-threat with a style like no other. Spencer Sutherland, a self-taught pop and R&B artist, is getting bigger with every newly released single, from “Selfish” to his newest single, “Lemons.” But his talents aren’t limited to writing and performing great songs. Recently, he launched his acting career, landing a role in the Netflix film Afterlife of the Party, and scoring the music for the film. Sutherland developed his singing and acting chops growing up in Pickerington, Ohio, where he performed in high school theater and other local venues in nearby Columbus. But he had his eyes set on building a professional music career, which inspired him to head to Los Angeles to chase his dream.


Following a string of singles, 2017 was a big year for him. He was on the Today Show and The X Factor UK, which put him in the national spotlight. In 2018, he released three more singles and signed his first record deal at the end of the year. His debut EP, None of This Has Been About You, was released in 2019. With live music making a comeback, he’s excited to be back on stage, sharing music with his fans again. He says, “Getting back to live shows was like falling in love again. The first time I stepped on the stage was just instant euphoria. The stage is where I love to be, and it's where I truly thrive the most.” And when showtime comes, he uses UE Custom Earphones to deliver the best performance for his fans. “UE PRO Custom Earphones are better than traditional stage wedges because you truly do have everything you need in your mix,” he tells us. “With stage wedges, sometimes your fans can even hear some of the stage mix coming through, like the click track, which isn’t really ideal. But with IEMs, you get to hear exactly what you want in your ears and nobody else can hear it. It’s key.”


“I love the UE SWITCH interchangeable faceplates for my UE Custom Earphones. I have the silver sparkle, gold sparkle and matte white finishes. And depending on the outfit I wear on stage, I pick which one goes with that the most. It's so cool. I've had a number of fans comment or DM me like, ‘yo, those are crazy, where'd you get them?’”

Spencer Sutherland customized his custom earphones to match his style, and so can you. Shop UE Custom to personalize your own custom earphones, shaped to your style.

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