Find Your Perfect Pair: UE PRO In-Ear Monitors

Find Your Perfect Pair: UE PRO In-Ear Monitors
Ready to pick up a pair of UE PRO IEMs? Compare all seven of our UE PRO in-ear monitors to see which model is right for you.


UE PRO offers a wide range of custom-fitted in-ear monitors, each precisely tuned to give you an unmatched audio experience. But with seven models to choose from, it can be difficult to know which pair is right for you. 


In this blog, we’ll break down the differences between each model of UE PRO in-ear monitors to help you find the right model for any application. But first, let’s start with a little background on what makes UE PRO in-ear monitors so special.



Unparalleled Performance For the Stage, Studio and Beyond


UE PRO in-ear monitors are available in seven different models:



From the flagship UE LIVE to the original UE 5 PRO, each model offers ultra-detailed sound, 26dB of superior isolation, unsurpassed comfort and a lightweight, portable design. All of our in-ears are handcrafted and personally assembled by skilled technicians, using different combinations of custom-tuned drivers to create their signature sound.


Most conventional earbuds and in-ear monitors use dynamic drivers to create sound—just like a boombox or car stereo. When used by themselves, these drivers tend to be big, bulky and rather inaccurate. UE PRO in-ear monitors use multiple precision-tuned balanced armatures to deliver clear, detailed sound across the entire frequency spectrum. 


Our UE 6 PRO and UE LIVE in-ear monitors combine balanced armatures with traditional dynamic drivers to recreate the excitement and energy of hearing your favorite music played live. 


Let’s take a closer look at the differences between each of the different models in the UE PRO lineup.





UE LIVE PRO: World-Class Engineering and Sound


Our flagship product, UE LIVE in-ear monitors are the culmination of 26 years of groundbreaking design and technology. Ideal for touring professionals, session musicians, front of house engineers and anyone who wants to experience music like never before, UE LIVE in-ear monitors surround you with rich and highly detailed audio—whether you’re on stage, in the studio or anywhere in between. 


The UE LIVE utilizes a hybrid design, combining the precision of balanced armatures with the presence and power of dynamic speakers. We built upon the six-driver configuration found in the legendary UE 18+ with a custom 6mm subwoofer for extended low-end all the way down to 5 Hz, and a patented, Hi-Res Certified True Tone Plus driver for brilliant highs up to 40 kHz.



UE 18+ PRO


UE 18+ PRO: Extra Headroom and Dynamic Range


Equipped with the same cutting-edge True Tone drivers we developed for our UE Reference Remastered earphones, UE 18+ PRO in-ear monitors deliver the same world-class sound with added headroom for live performances. Featuring six drivers and four passive crossovers, our Hi-Res Certified UE 18+ PRO IEMs provide increased detail across the entire frequency spectrum, from 5 to 40,000 Hz.


Unlike UE Reference Remastered, which is tuned to sound completely neutral, UE 18+ PRO earphones are tuned to sound more “musical,” with a slight boost in the highs and lows for added sizzle and low-end oomph. Plus, they’re a bit louder to make it easier to hear yourself on stage, and offer improved headroom to prevent clipping for crystal-clear sound.





UE Reference Remastered: Ultimate Transparency and Accuracy 


Perfect for producers, mixers, engineers and other creators, UE Reference Remastered earphones were designed by world-renowned studio engineers at Capitol Records to deliver a totally transparent frequency response, so you can hear every instrument as it truly sounds. Equipped with proprietary True Tone drivers for the low, midrange and high frequencies, UE Reference Remastered earphones deliver transparent, detailed sound from 5 to 40,000 Hz. That makes them Hi-Res Certified!


Unlike our other earphones, which are specially tuned to enhance certain elements of the mix, UE Reference Remastered earphones deliver completely neutral sound to help you make critical mix decisions. Plus, thanks to the custom-fitting process, UE Reference Remastered earphones form a tight seal that keeps out room reflections, so you can enjoy the same world-class sound in any setting.


For the full story on how we worked with Capitol Studios to create UE Reference Remastered earphones, check out our blog.





UE 11 PRO: Powerful Sound for Energetic Performers


Inspired by the sound of a full-range PA system, UE 11 PRO in-ear monitors recreate the vibe and energy of a live performance.


The leading choice of professional drummers and percussionists worldwide, UE 11 PRO in-ear monitors combine unparalleled clarity with extra bass. Dual low-frequency drivers deliver powerful low-end so you can feel the impact of every hit, while dedicated midrange and high-end drivers reveal every detail of the mix. 





UE 7 PRO: Focused Sound with Clarity & Detail


One of our most popular in-ear monitors, UE 7 PRO is a versatile workhorse that provides detailed sound for any application. Featuring dual midrange drivers, UE 7 PRO delivers a focused, in-your-face midrange that brings vocals, guitars and other lead instruments to the front of the mix. A dedicated low-end driver offers tightly controlled bass that keeps your mix from sounding muddy.


Although UE 7 PRO utilizes a two-way crossover, each of its three drivers is optimized for a different part of the frequency spectrum. This helps create a balanced sound with full lows, punchy mids and crisp highs. Not to mention, UE 7 PRO is our loudest model, making it the ideal choice for those who like to turn it up.





UE 6 PRO: Enhanced Low-End for Rhythm & Beats


The UE 6 PRO is designed for those who want a little more “oomph” out of their in-ears. Ideal for drummers, bassists, electronic artists and DJs, UE 6 PRO IEMs let you feel the full power of your performance.


Using a patented hybrid design, UE 6 PRO IEMs provide smooth, balanced sound with enhanced bass response. Two 6mm neodymium dynamic speakers deliver powerful low-end that you can actually feel, while a cutting-edge True Tone driver offers smooth, airy highs that are perfect for modern pop and hip-hop. 





UE 5 PRO: Balanced Sound for Any Application


The classic UE 5 PRO is a favorite of musicians everywhere, with a dual-driver design that provides clear, balanced sound and excellent isolation from outside noise. Paired with an integrated two-way crossover, UE 5 PRO delivers crystal-clear highs and powerful lows that make any genre or instrument shine.


Still not sure which pair of UE PRO in-ear monitors you should get? Just take a brief quiz to help you find the right model for you! 


If you prefer, you can send us an email or give us a call and one of our experts will be happy to discuss the different options with you.


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