Caring For Your UE Pro In-Ear Monitors

Ultimate Ears Pro in-ear monitors are a bespoke piece of equipment that utilizes equal parts incredible technology and unparalleled hand craftsmanship. From the moment you make your order, UE Pro is dedicated to service, quality, sound and fit. We care for your in-ear monitors every step of the way with service commitments through the life of your device. As a long term piece of equipment, we provide some basic care instructions that will ensure you get the absolute best out of your custom earphones.


What are the parts?

When you open your box for the first time, you’ll notice the attention to detail.  The customized appearance and your individual ear shape with unique grooves are reflected in the faceplate and the outer shell. Inside you get a cleaning tool, and a small brush designed to carefully clean the crevices of your device. Also included is a compact metal case (you can get it engraved for free) to protect your in-ear monitors whenever you’re not wearing them.

UE Pro Packaging

 How do I clean them?

After each use, you’ll want to take a few easy and quick steps to care for your in-ear monitors. When you take them out of your ears, simply hold them upside down with the faceplate at the top and carefully brush them to remove any wax that may have clung on during use. Holding them upside down is key so debris falls off of and not into your device. Once you’ve cleaned off the wax, gently wipe your earphones with a clean soft cloth or tech wipe.  Doing this every time will keep them polished and avoid any build up over time that could affect the look and function of your device.


How do I store them?

Your in-ear monitors come with a small hard storage case  providing both external protection against impact to avoid damage to the intricate internal parts as well as scratches or marks on the faceplate. It’s also the best place to keep all the parts organized together. When you’re ready to put away your in-ear monitors, each cable should be loosely wrapped around your four fingers and placed into the carrying case followed by your in-ear monitors which can once more be brushed for any missed pieces of debris. This will keep the critically important cables from becoming tangled or bent and damaged as well as from being lost.


UE Pro Case


What’s the bottom line?

Ultimate Ears Pro is dedicated to making high quality innovative products. Protecting your in-ear monitors is a mutual investment. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. With this quick and easy routine, it will greatly impact your overall experience with your device.  

In the event your in-ear monitors become damaged, our service team is available for questions or to assist with repairs. You can contact us at or call 1800 589 6531 ext. 3. 

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