Introducing the 311 Collection

Introducing the 311 Collection
Announcing 311 custom faceplates for Ultimate Ear Custom Earphones! Learn more about the 311 collection and how to get your own custom faceplates.  





311 has been part of the Ultimate Ears family since 2000, and we’re thrilled to announce that our newest limited edition faceplate collection is centered around the feel-good Omaha rock legends. 


Available just in time for 311 day—an unofficial holiday that fans started celebrating every March 11th—the 311 Collection features unique designs that pay tribute to the band’s first six studio albums and bring a fresh look to their futuristic grassroots style. 


From Music to landmark releases like Transistor and Soundsystem, 311’s albums have a lot of history tied to their production. To give fans the feeling of experiencing these albums for the first time, every faceplate design puts a twist on their iconic artwork. “Fans will be able to spot the similarities and differences between our cover art and these designs,” says P-Nut. 


From “Amber” to “All Mixed Up,” 311 songs radiate vibrant energy that brings music lovers closer together. This faceplate collection captures that same energy with an array of unique designs to choose from. 


311 Nation doesn’t have to settle for just one faceplate—Ultimate Ear Custom Earphones can be upgraded to the UE SWITCH system, which allows for seamless swapping of faceplates. When you upgrade to UE SWITCH, your additional faceplates will be stored in a secure passport so you can change them out whenever you need.


“The Faceplates are going to be awesome,” P-Nut tells us, “They’re going to make me smile every time I open their case.”



311 Faceplates




The 311 Collection


As an industry leader in professional audio, Ultimate Ears has had the pleasure of working with a huge cast of the world’s biggest talent, from our humble beginning in the back of a tour van to our exciting new collaboration with 311. There’s no better way to celebrate 311 Day.


311 has relied on Ultimate Ears for in-ear monitoring for over 20 years, starting with our classic UE 5 sound signature in 2000. “We’ve been with UE for so long, I think we’ve gone through almost every model,” the band says. “Now we use the UE 18+. They have an uncompromising bottom while keeping a blend of presence and brilliance that is comfortable for any length set.”


The 311 faceplate designs mirror the experience of hearing their music like never before. “It’s all original album artwork with a new perspective,” says bassist P-Nut. “Seeing something familiar in a new light.” And, with Ultimate Ear Custom Earphones, 311 Nation will be able to do one better, “hearing something with fresh ears.”


But how did the 311 collection come to be? Like many things with 311, it started with the fans. 


The fans were the ones behind the first 311 Day—celebrated by music lovers worldwide every March 11—and it's with the fans in mind that the band launched 311 Stream System with the Live from the Hive Series, where they live streamed the first six 311 albums in order of release. 


“During those live streams, we filmed a lot of interviews sharing our experiences of what it was like to record those albums and often reflected on what we were listening to surrounding those sessions,”says bassist P-Nut. “And then we thought, wouldn’t it be rad, if our fans who loved those albums could hear those songs how we hear them every night on UE.”


We invite fans everywhere to hear music like the band does every night—with the superior sound of Ultimate Ear Custom Earphones. Our new 311 collection captures the mesmerizing fusion of the 311 sound and offers fans a unique palette of custom designs based on those first six albums.





Word-Class Performance


We lean on our legendary audio heritage to give musicians and audiophiles high-quality sound and superior passive noise isolation through custom-made earphones and in-ear monitors. 


With Ultimate Ear Custom Earphones, you’ll hear music like never before. We harness over 20 years of industry experience to create sound signatures that allow you to hear all the details of your music. It’s the same reason why bands like 311 have been using UE Custom for years. Now it’s your turn to hear music just like the pros. 


311 Blue Faceplate


Personalized to You


Ultimate Ear Custom Earphones are handcrafted to perfection. Today, music professionals and aficionados all over the world rely on UE Custom, and you can get the same immersive experience with a custom pair—shaped to you. 


Unlike off-the-shelf earphones, Ultimate Ear Custom Earphones are custom made for your ears only. The customization starts with a custom mold taken either at home via our proprietary FitKit or at an audiologist. The at-home FitKit is more popular with music lovers, and the audiologist mold is more commonly used by musicians, but it’s all about personal preference and the sound is the same regardless of fit.


From there, you customize your sound signature. Though 311 uses UE PRO 18+, 311 Nation can get Ultimate Ear Custom Earphones in their choice of seven stunning sound signatures. From the perfectly flat response or UE RR to the enhanced low-end of UE 6, we have something for everyone.


Finally, you get to personalize your artwork. You can choose your favorite limited edition 311 faceplate or choose a few now and come back for more when you upgrade to UE SWITCH. The possibilities are endless.


 311 Faceplate



311 Nation


Not many rock bands have staying power. Generally speaking, ten years is considered a good run for a band. To keep it going for longer than that, you have to have something special going on. To keep it going for more than 30 years, you have to be like 311.


311 carved a path that led to 13 studio albums and a global community of loyal fans who’ve been gripping the edge of the stage since their beginning in Omaha, NE in the late ‘80s. But their connection to their fans doesn’t stop at the stage. The band’s biggest fans, driven by the unabashed positivity of 311’s music, formed the 311 Nation, their own community. 


And now those fans can not only hear their favorite music the way the band does, but in a truly special, unique style with the 311 faceplate collection from UE.



Our sales team is standing by to help you order faceplates and earphones. Customers who have the UE SWITCH add-on will need to speak to sales to order additional faceplates. If you don’t have a pair of UE Customs, design your own today.


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