UE 6 Sound Signature Deep Dive

UE 6 Sound Signature Deep Dive

Get a detailed look at UE 6 and learn why they’re preferred by electronic musicians, DJs, bassists and audiophiles.

Choosing a UE sound signature is an exciting first step towards enjoying your music (and protecting your hearing) like never before, but which one is right for you? With a powerful bass response, plus great detail and clarity in the high frequencies, UE 6 excels at delivering a powerful, bass-heavy sound without harshness. And like all UE sound signatures, UE 6 is handcrafted with premium components to deliver next-level sound to music professionals and audiophiles. The UE 6 sound signature is designed primarily for bassists, electronic artists and DJs who need to feel the full power of their performance, as well as music lovers who want to experience the bass in their bones. In this post, we’ll explain what gives UE 6 its powerful sound and guide you towards the fit option that best suits your needs.
The UE 6 Story
Ultimate Ears has been changing the way people hear and perform music since 1995, and UE 6 is a continuation of that pursuit. Designed to meet the earth-shaking low end demands of modern pop, hip-hop and EDM, UE 6 is one of our newest sound signatures. You might call them a “beat lover’s dream.” This sound signature features a patented hybrid design with a cutting-edge True Tone driver that offers smooth, airy highs and a kickin’ low end that’s perfect for beatmaking or dancing in your living room to modern club hits.


Enhanced Low-End for Rhythm and Beats
UE 6 excels at bringing beat-driven music to life. You’ll feel the rhythm like never before with two 6mm neodymium dynamic speakers paired with a True Tune balanced armature and a 3-way crossover network. “Drummers, bass players, DJs—anyone who wants that low end push gravitates towards [UE 6],” says UE Sales Consultant John Talley. With a low end that dives down to 5Hz, you’ll hear full-bodied beats. But that doesn’t mean the UE 6 lacks mid or high frequencies. The frequency response reaches up to 22kHz, far beyond the range of human hearing, but UE 6 shines where the kick drum lives—roughly 100Hz and below.
Wear Them All Night
UE 6 gives DJs and beat producers the full impact of their music without muddying the mix or causing ear fatigue.The built-in sonic filters smooth out harsh treble frequencies and eliminate low-end rumble, allowing the presence of the music to stay alive. But you don’t have to be a DJ to feel the heat of the beat—UE 6 is great for anyone who listens to classic boom-bap, rap, electronica and everything in between and wants to feel the bass without ending up with muddy sound.
Superior Acoustic Isolation
All UE sound signatures are designed to block up to -26dB of ambient noise. When you’re in the studio or listening at home, you can focus on what’s important—your music. All UE earphones and IEMs block noise using passive noise isolation, which is preferred over active noise cancellation, or ANC by audiophiles and musicians alike. What’s the difference between passive noise isolation and ANC? Passive noise isolation blocks sound naturally, whereas ANC is known to cause ear fatigue and distorted sound quality. Worried about feeling too isolated on stage? UE PRO models have an ambient port option that allows ambiance to reach your eardrum through a -12dB filter. When the ports are closed, you’ll experience the full -26dB of noise isolation.

On-Stage or Off
UE 6 gives DJs and performers an enhanced low-end for the studio and the stage. And while UE earned its reputation onstage, even casual listeners can enjoy the immersive sound while working out, studying or hanging out at home. There are two cable styles available for UE 6—SuperBax and Bluetooth. The SuperBax Cable is the wired cable that’s built for performers who need a durable connection for the stage. Use the IPX Bluetooth Cable when you’re listening to music at home or on the go. Both cables are rated sweatproof and deliver the highest quality audio.

Personalize Your Ears

No more limiting yourself to just one faceplate design—now you can have as many as you like and swap them out any time. Customize your design with a variety of colors, materials and decorative details, or even use your own custom artwork. A simple twist-lock mechanism makes swapping styles easy. The UE SWITCH option is available for all models, as well as any existing pair via mail-in upgrade.

Choose Your Fit
There are multiple way to get a custom fit. Your choice of fit depends on personal preference.  Using an audiologist option for fit creates an in-ear monitor that reaches the second bend of the ear canal for the ultimate fit. We use the impressions taken from an audiologist to create an accurate fit shaped to your exact earprint. This fit is popular among performers and musicians who are constantly moving on stage. 
The other fit option is the at-home FitKit option which creates an earphone that reaches the first bend of the ear canal. To create this fit, we ship to you our convenient at-home FitKit to make your ear impressions. We find that audiophiles and music lovers prefer the ease of the FitKit, but these high-quality earphones are great for critical listening in the studio and the stage, too. A universal fit option is also available. 

Handcrafted for Your Ears Only
Each set of UE 6s is handcrafted with over 100 touchpoints. no matter which fit you choose. After we get your impressions from your audiologist or your at-home FitKit, our team will turn around your UE 6 IEMs or earphones in just a few weeks. We also offer an industry-leading white-glove customer service. Sometimes, small adjustments need to be made to ensure that you get the perfect fit for optimal comfort and passive noise isolation. Our team will hop on a video chat with you to discuss any opportunities to make your fit better and can make small changes to your IEMs or earphones to optimize your fit—free of charge via our 90 day Perfect Fit Guarantee. “They almost look like jewelry,” says Talley. “I’ve had mine for thirteen years now and I’ve never had to send them in.”


Find Your Perfect Pair
UE 6 strikes a good balance between deep bass and clear highs. Whether you’re a producer or someone who just loves a heavy beat. If you’re still unsure which pair is best for you, take our quiz to get a recommendation.  We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions, contact us to get advice from our experts. 
Email: uehelp@ultimateears.com
Phone: (800) 589-6531


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